Do you want to create a gratitude journal to set your day off with a win? Well, in this post we are going to share the value of writing gratitudes, a simple way to write and track your gratitudes each day, and how you can use this practice to build up other mind-set habits as well.

As you are reading this, if you have any habits that have helped you to have a positive mindset leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about it.  Hang around at the end and I’ll give you a free download d that you can use to write and track your gratitudes each day.

Why Keep a Gratitude Journal?

 So why keep a gratitude journal in the first place?  We’ll, Harva​rd Health Publishing has linked writing gratitudes down a daily basis to a decrease in visits to the doctor, and increase in satisfaction within interpersonal relationships, and greater productivity for managers and their employees. Who doesn’t want to be more healthy, have better relationships, and be more productive right?

How It Works

All you need for this mindset tool is a journal or at least two pieces of paper that you can keep track of. Personally, I bullet journal and use a grid style journal which makes it a little easier to create check boxes and to-do lists.You can find cool intro video HER​E on how to bullet journal. I write my gratitudes every morning when I wake up, eat my breakfast, and drink my coffee. This always puts me in the right mindset helps me to start my day.

To begin, take your piece of paper and list out all of the days of the month and their corresponding days of the week on the left hand side.Check the image above to see an example. Next, at the top of your paper create a category called gratitude. You’ll notice that I have two other category boxes. These are for the complementary nutritional routines you’ll see in my nutritonal routines post. Next you will need an additional page where you will write your gratitudes. I label my paper at the top and date each one.

The way this works is that each morning you first wake up, take out your gratitudes sheet and write three gratitudes for the day.These need to be specific and not too general. For example, I wouldn’t say, I am thankful for my life, I would say I am thankful that I have a refrigerator that keeps my food good for a long time, or I am thankful that both of my legs that they move and function well. 

After you have created your three gratitudes you will go back to your monthly calendar and check your first box for gratitudes for that day. This feels good. It is a simple way to accomplish something from the breakfast table. Writing these gratitudes should take 1-3 minutes and no longer. Make them complete sentences but not paragraphs. You might be tempted to write more, don’t. When establishing new routines, it is important to gradually build them up. It you start out too intense, the habit will be harder to keep. According to Psychology Today, “Small, specific actions are more likely to become habitual.” and “Making the action easy to do increases the likelihood that it becomes a habit.”

Your goal is to follow these simple steps for a week. Once you can do this for a whole week you will be ready to build onto this mindset tool to get even better results in your daily life. Stick to plan, commit to the process, and see results.

FREE Journal Time!

Now, as mentioned before I want to give you a free downloadable guide for keeping track or your gratitudes and give you the link to the must see complementary nutritional routines video that goes with this journal. Click the download link for your free fill-able download and watch our starter nutritional routine video to figure out how to eat healthy without a meal plan, calorie counting, or weighing and measuring your food. For more information view our complete video on how to make a gratitude journal below.

About the Author

Clint Mally is a sought after personal trainer and group fitness coach in the Atlanta area. He is a CrossFit Competitor and a Spartan Race National Qualifier. When he is not training, he likes to spend his free time hanging out with his wife and family.

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