How to Start a Nutrition Journal

Do you want to eat healthy without calorie counting, weighing measuring your food, or following a specific meal plan? Well in this post you will learn two easy-to-follow practices that will help you to eat better.

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3 Reasons Why You Are Probably Just Exercising and Not Training

Tell me if this sounds familiar: “After 30 days of doing program (fill in the blank), I lost 30 pounds, and now I feel great!” If you are a human being who breathes air and walks on the earth, you have encountered a commercial or advertisement that says something like this. The thing is, I don’t think these ads are lying. I think that they are telling the truth. The results that these fad workout programs promise can be achieved with exercising. However, in order to reach sustainable and long-term progress, you have to look beyond exercising and understand what it means to train. Keep reading to see how you can tell if you’re training or just exercising

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